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    Barbie is one of the most popular dolls. It has many analogues, similar to it in size. The doll Barbi and her clothing has long since become a separate line of collectibles. Famous designers and fashion houses release their own collection outfits for Barbie. However, in most cases, you use the traditional technique of costume -sewing, embroidery, jewelry, lace. Even more interesting to get acquainted with the author's collections of clothes for Barbie dolls, knitting and crocheting. The authors, Nadezhda Petrovskaya (Moscow Tel. 469-42-52) and Ludmila Zabello (Moscow region Mytishchi), created a collection of more than 300 unique costumes. All clothing for Barbie is made by hand from natural cotton and woollen thread and withstand repeated cleaning without sacrificing appearance. For furnish of suits are handmade lace, embroidery, fur and feathers.

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    Authors: Nadia Petrovskaja (Celullar phone /Russia/-/Moscow/ 007-916-307-85-71) and Mila Zabello

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